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In the search for the right mattress, you should consider not only the size but above all the material and the workmanship: For example, cold foam models of spring mattresses differ in their properties from each other considerably. What you should also consider in the selection and which variants there are beyond, we show you in the following guide.


Foam mattresses

The pick made by thebest-mattressis made of polyurethane, a substance based on crude oil - very soft and odorless which promotes healthy sleep. In the production of large and small pores, which ensure the flexibility of the mattress and good air circulation? This can prevent mite and mold infestation.

The most important feature for a healthy and comfortable sleep is the five to seven different lying areas that are available in each cold foam mattress. Thus, the body is relieved or supported as needed. This prevents tension and pain.

The viscos foam mattress has a cold foam base on which the viscos foam is applied. This guarantees the necessary supporting force that the soft material alone would not offer.

Latex mattresses

If you are considering buying a latex mattress, you can choose between a natural and a purely synthetic mattress.

The natural latex mattresses are made of a blend of natural and synthetic latex. Here, the natural has a higher elasticity than the synthetic one. The biggest advantages of this mattress are

Advantages of the latex mattress:

·        Very hygienic, but requires regular care

·        Excellent heat and moisture regulation

·        A high proportion of natural latex adapts optimally to the body

·        Very suitable for allergy sufferers

Disadvantages of the latex mattress:

·        High content of synthetic latex quickly leads to loss of shape

·        High proportion of rubber very expensive

·        Cold room temperatures damage the material and can cause mold

·        Incidence of light can permanently damage the mattress

Not all slats can be used

In addition, it is recommended for large and heavy people to pay attention to the density of the mattress. This should be as high as possible as and not lower than 70 kg / m³, since otherwise no optimal lying properties can be offered. The natural latex portion is very sensitive to light, so always a good cover should be on the mattress.

Spring mattresses

Frequently, the springs and foam are processed in alternating sequence in a mattress to provide ideal flexibility.

The padding carrier consists mostly of felt or fleece and catches the friction of the springs.

Spring mattresses consist of steel springs in the core.

There are the following different spring cores:

Bonell spring core:   Light spring core / endless spring core     

·        Pocket spring

·        Large, spiral-shaped springs; relatively inelastic

·        The higher the load, the harder the feeling of lying on the mattress becomes

·        Small, rectangular feathers; twice as many as the Bonell mattress

·        Low weight; relatively elastic

·        Single springs sewn in pockets; spread over the entire area

·        Good adaptation to the body; very elastic

Mattress covers and covers

The mattress cover is one of the most important components of the mattress, as it serves both the protection of the mattress, as well as the ideal lying. Many different materials are used in making the cover:

Pure polyester covers:

Very stretchy / elastic, soft and comfortable


Reduces allergic reactions

Local covers:

·        Comfortable, breathable, elastic

·        Long lifetime

Terry covers:

·        Especially good suction power

·        Elastic and very durable

To increase the shelf life and to ensure hygiene, care and cleaning of the covers is very important. Particularly removable covers, which can be washed at 60 degrees Celsius, have clear advantages in terms of hygiene.

Mattress protectors

With a high-quality mattress protector, the durability of the mattress is significantly extended and also ensures improved hygiene. The quilted cover can be attached to the corners of the mattress by means of rubber bands. She then lies between sheets and mattress and protects the mattress from contamination. Since most mattress covers are washable between 60 and 95 degrees, also a cleaning is unproblematic. In addition, the savers are very soft and therefore increase the sleeping and lying comfort.


Ideally, the human should be positioned so that the human body can assume its natural double S shape and the spine between the head and coccyx forms a straight line. So the regeneration of the body is optimally guaranteed. Basically, the following average values ​​for the degrees of hardness can be recorded:

Almost more important for a good and restful sleep than the degree of hardness is a reasonable amount of mattress. If the mattress height is too low to distribute the pressure of the body properly, it will cause compression and the ideal lying position cannot be achieved. A health-promoting mattress should be at least 16 inches high.

Lying areas

Most mattresses are offered with 200 centimeters in length. 190, 210 or 220 cm long mattresses are also produced to give every user an ideal night's sleep.

Individual advice & mattress test are important

Since the price ranges for mattresses are quite different, you should look around before the purchase in peace and be sure to sample in the store to find out the individual reclining comfort. The sample is on mattresses that are still packed in plastic is not the way it works. Ideally, the salesperson / consultant does not ask you what you want, but tells you what you need and what's important. For very expensive mattresses they should also insist on a sample at home. If you want to buy your new mattress on the Internet, you should first take a telephone consultation by the staff of the online store to complete. With good online stores, this option has been around for some time and the staff can usually give you good recommendations when you ask them about their body shape,

Check popular bedding websites like US beds to see if you’re chosen mattress online is cheaper. If so, you can either shop online or go back to the bedstead, give them a printout of the website and offer them to reach or beat the online price - or even better extra extras like a longer money - back guarantee or free Insurance for the first months.